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Scaffolding is one of the world’s most difficult, manual and dangerous construction jobs. With the help of automation and intelligence, KEWAZO overtakes the dangerous logistics processes to deliver maximum efficiency to the industry. 




of scaffolding jobs 
are still done completely manually


of time during scaffolding assembly
is spent on material transport


of all costs in scaffolding
are labour costs


means available today to track 
the on-site progress in real-time


of our customers confirm
that they suffer from labour shortage


annual accidents 
on scaffolds in Germany alone

Robotic hoist system LIFTBOT


Meet your new digital co-worker LIFTBOT - a robotic hoist system empowered by the data analytics platform. In scaffolding our solution addresses labour shortage, saves up to 70% of labour costs, and improves working conditions for your employees. The robotic system can be installed in under 20 minutes with the minimum space requirements, it operates completely wirelessly and provides autonomous control.  



Onsite Platform


Uniquely in the industry, we collect operational data and provide it to our customers in the form of a data analytics platform, enabling more proactive management of both individual projects and companies overall. Real time project performance tracking provides complete transparency of on site operations to construction managers and company owners.


Shield 27_blue.png

Improving welfare
and safety of workers

LIFTBOT overtakes dangerous transport activities delivering safer and more humane working conditions.

Coin 9_blue.png

Saving up to
70% of labour costs

In over 28 construction projects and tests LIFTBOT has proved that the robotic system can save between 40 – 70 % of labour costs.

Construction 3_blue.png


labour shortage

Automation improves several steps in scaffolding assembly: only 2-3 scaffolders and a LIFTBOT can assemble different types of scaffolding.

Time 5_blue_edited.png

Providing maximum

setup flexibility

LIFTBOT can be installed in 20 minutes with minimum space required. 

Chart 5_blue.png


real-time data

Data analytics provide transparency on on-site operations to support customers with project management and optimization of their operations.


Autonomous Navigation and Control

One-touch technology automatically sends LIFTBOT to its determined destination, where materials are (un-) loaded before it autonomously returns to the ground location. Workers can continue with other tasks while LIFTBOT operates, rather than have to manually control lifts and hoists by constantly pressing buttons.

Minimum setup time and

maximum flexibility 

LIFTBOT can be installed in under 20 minutes with minimal space requirements and ensures completely wireless operation: remote control and battery powered. 


Data Analytics and Digital Twin

LIFTBOT is equipped with multiple sensors, which deliver real time information on the project status to KEWAZO Onsite Platform. Machine Learning algorithms process amassed data to provide automated project planning and cost efficient resource usage.

Predictive Analytics

Sensor data enable transparency on the status of the robotic system and remote customer support service. Predictive analytics help to minimize breakdowns and downtime, while optimizing maintenance costs and customer experience. 

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