Become the leading  construction robotics company.

€ 41 B

Global Scaffolding Market


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€ 4.3 M

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Digitizing construction with robotics and data


KEWAZO was founded in 2018 with the vision to digitize on-site construction operations with robotics and data analytics. Our founding team combines knowledge and experience in the fields of construction robotics, civil engineering, programming, and business. Today we are one of the leading construction robotics startups in the world, employing over 20 employees. We work closely with our customers, manufacturing partners and industry experts to digitize construction sites and improve the working conditions for million of construction workers across the globe. 

Co-Founders: Leonidas Pozikidis, Sebastian Weitzel, Artem Kuchukov, Ekaterina Grib, Eirini Psallida, Alimzhan Rakhmatulin.


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