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KEWAZO's co-founder at Zoom Talk Hochbau

How does the scaffolding market look like? How are innovative transportation aids like LIFTBOT changing scaffolding construction? How do digital solutions help construction managers make the right decisions? These and other topics were the focus of the online event "Zoom Talk Hochbau" of the German Institute for Access Technology on 6 July 2021.

Sebastian Weitzel, co-founder of KEWAZO, and Sebastian Dietrich, project manager at Bassenberg & Schwarting GmbH, were speakers of the event. During the two hours event, they discussed which innovative solutions will change the scaffolding industry in the future. Sebastian Weitzel explained how KEWAZO is digitizing and automating logistics in scaffolding construction with robotics and data analytics. Sebastian Dietrich described how LIFTBOT is used at Meyer Werft and what advantages the employees see in KEWAO's robotic hoist.

If you missed the event, you can re-listen to it here: Link


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