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In more than 30 projects and tests, LIFTBOT has saved over 3000 working hours for our customers and increased the profit of the projects.



Working hours 


POCs and Tests

Tones of scaffolding

materials transported




Resedential, Commercial & Special Construction


Process Manufacturing & Energy Production

At refineries, power plants and industrial facilities: towers, boilers, tanks, columns, reactors etc.


Maritime &

Other Industries

Shipyards / shipbuilding, aircraft maintenance and event industry


Other – General Material Transport

Our platform is exchangeable – we can customise our solution for you.

From renovation projects to churches, towers, bridges, power poles etc.



A successful pilot project in Brandenburg, Germany was carried out together with NÜSSLI Group. The use of LIFTBOT resulted in a remarkable 45% increase in efficiency, while always complying with the new safety regulations TRBS 2121-1. The reduced physical strain was visible to all scaffolders at the end of the week. 

B+P Gerüstbau

At an interesting renovation project at the heart of Berlin, together with B+P Gerüstbau, we were disassembling scaffold at Pergamon Museum. The scaffolding crew lead noted a safer and more efficient working environment with LIFTBOT. At the same time, labour costs saving were reported by the construction manager: 74% savings compared to the manual assembly or 25 % savings compared to the conventional construction lifts.

Teupe Gerüstbau

Together with Teupe Gerüstbau we have successfully completed a one-week project / test at Poppelsdorf Palace, Germany. During this week, we have demonstrated the savings potential and the ergonomic benefits of the system.

Bilfinger arnholdt GmbH

One of our first projects on industrial site, where we were building a column at the refinery. Automated control and ease of installation helped us to save 21 % of labour costs and to finish the job faster.

Bilfinger arnholdt GmbH

A challenging industrial project at a height of 30 meters and with very little space available for LIFTBOT. Once again, LIFTBOT proved to be ideal for difficult industrial projects: 44% of working hours were saved and the project was finished in 3 instead of 4 days, while overtaking a part of the hard job from workers.

Schäfer Gerüstbau

Together with Schäfer Gerüstbau we have successfully completed a project in the heart of Munich at the Residential Quarter of Stadtwerke München (SWM). In the course of one week we were able to save 37 % of man-hours, while securing a safer and more ergonomic environment for workers.

Soll Gerüstbau

A church (Dom) renovation project in Eichstätt was an interesting project for us in the sphere of residential construction. With the support of Soll Gerüstbau and the engagement of the scaffolding crew, we have accomplished the project with less workers and saved 9 working days or 29 % of the labour costs.

Bassenberg & Schwarting GmbH

The shipbuilding industry is one of the key applications for LIFTBOT technology. Over the course of 3 weeks we have accomplished multiple projects with Bassenberg & Schwarting at Meyer Werft, helping to build scaffold for different parts of ships. Overall, LIFTBOT has saved 420 working hours during the project and has found a new home at Meyer Werft this year. According to Robert Bassenberg, the CEO of Bassenberg & Schwarting GmbH, “KEWAZO has a completely new technical approach to meet the challenge of the shortage of skilled workers, while at the same time being able to deploy employees more efficiently and with less stress”.

Bilfinger arnholdt GmbH

In an industrial project with very strict place requirements we were building scaffolding around the tank. Despite the project challenges LIFTBOT saved 21 % of working hours from one side of the tank and 39 % from another compared to conventional means, while at the same time securing safer operations and convincing the management of the company. “We have tested LIFTBOT during ongoing operations and immediately recognised the potential of the solution. With innovative technologies from the fields of robotics and automation, we offer our industrial customers an even safer and more efficient service”, states Alexander Brod, branch manager of Bilfinger arnholdt in Gelsenkrichen.

B+P Gerüstbau Test

A two-day test with B+P Gerüstbau in Hyparschale Magdeburg. The video provides a good explanation of the LIFTBOT's functionality and the results of the test.

Fritsch Gerüstbau

A short renovation project in our hometown Munich with Fritsch Gerüstbau shows a direct comparison with a rope winch: the two identical sides of the building were assembled by using LIFTBOT from one side and rope winch from another. The result? LIFTBOT has saved 33% of working hours, while the project was completed in 1 instead of 1.5 working days that were needed to build the same scaffold with a rope winch. In addition, one of the main goals of LIFTBOT is to improve working conditions on-site and to overtake the dangerous logistics activities. As one of the experienced scaffold workers has stated: “After 18 years of scaffolding I finally don't have to bend down so often”.