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In more than 30 projects and tests, LIFTBOT has saved over 3000 working hours for our customers and increased the profit of the projects.


POCs and Tests


Tones of scaffolding
materials transported


Working hours saved


Residential, Commercial & Special Construction

From renovation projects to churches, towers, bridges, power poles etc.

Process Manufacturing & Energy Production

At refineries, power plants and industrial facilities: towers, boilers, tanks, columns, reactors etc.

Maritime &
Other Industries

Shipyards / shipbuilding, aircraft maintenance and event industry

Other – General Material Transport

Our platform is exchangeable – we can customise our solution for you.



Bilfinger arnholdt GmbH

Bilfinger arnholdt is now permanently using LIFTBOT in their projects and thus increases assembly efficiency while reducing the physical strain on their scaffolders. In a project at Stadtwerke Münster, Bilfinger arnholdt was assembling scaffolding of at least 22 meters height around a tall glass façade. Because of the little space on site, material logistics was a major challenge in this project. With the flexibility of LIFTBOT, only 3 workers were needed to erect the scaffolding instead of 7 or more.

Residential, Commercial & Special Construction


MTL Group s.r.o.

We are proud to deliver another LIFTBOT to the scaffolding and industrial service provider MTL Group s.r.o.  With LIFTBOT, MTL can now provide its customers with even better and more flexible services. In a project on a power plant in the Czech Republic, only 2 instead of 4 people were needed to erect and dismantle the scaffolding, which was about 40 meters high.

Process Manufacturing & Energy Production


Bassenberg & Schwarting GmbH

After serval pilot projects, Bassenberg & Schwarting decided to deploy LIFTBOT on a permanent basis at the MEYER Werft - the largest shipbuilding yard in Germany. Branch manager Sebastian Dietrich and his deputy, Holger Wilts see the major advantages of LIFTBOT in the significant increase in assembly efficiency and in reducing the physical strain on their scaffolders.

Maritime & Other Industries

210708_Schäfer Gerüstbau_Logo.png

Schäfer Gerüstbau

Together with Schäfer Gerüstbau we have successfully completed a project in the heart of Munich at the Residential Quarter of Stadtwerke München (SWM). In the course of one week we were able to save 37 % of man-hours, while securing a safer and more ergonomic environment for workers.

Residential, Commercial & Special Construction


Other – General Material Transport

A successful pilot project in Brandenburg, Germany was carried out together with NÜSSLI Group. The use of LIFTBOT resulted in a remarkable 45% increase in efficiency, while always complying with the new safety regulations TRBS 2121-1. The reduced physical strain was visible to all scaffolders at the end of the week. 

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