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bauma 2019 hat begonnen!

bauma: Wir haben uns heute über sehr interessante Gespäche gefreut! Morgen geht es wieder los. Besuchen Sie uns auf den Ständen von BG Bau C4, 349 und Scafom- Rux B3, 226. Verpassen Sie nicht unsere Live-Demo! Today at bauma it was a great and productive day with many interesting conversations and valuable feedback! We will be happy to welcome you again tomorrow on the booths of BG Bau C4, 349 and Scafom- Rux B3, 226. Don't miss our robots in live-demo!

Silicon Valley's Next Target: Disrupt the Construction and Real Estate Industries

Interesting reading for the evening: "Augmenting construction site tasks with robotics, like moving or managing materials, helps to combat the workforce shortage and optimize overall efficiency." In KEWAZO we also aim to bring more efficiency in construction site by applying robotics and data analytics. Read more about it:

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